We’re looking for the best social entrepreneurs operating throughout Latin America and the Caribbean!

#PESLatam is a program implemented by 6 leading organizations seeking the most innovative social entrepreneurs in Latin America and the Caribbean, regardless of their development stage or sector.

#PESLatam has 7 scaling opportunities ranging from incubation to corporate ventures (see below)

#PESLatam is a comprehensive program designed to cover different scaling stages of Latin American social entrepreneurs.

#PESLatam continuously offers basic and advanced courses to improve the capabilities of Latin American social entrepreneurs. The content is in Spanish and was developed by leading organizations in the sector.

If one of our partner organizations selects you, PES LATAM can also provide you with additional support, and specialized training.

Find the program that best suits your profile and stage and apply today from www.vc4a.com/pes-latam

Our Program Partners offer different opportunities and types of support according to the needs and stages of social entrepreneurs. Each program has different eligibility criteria and deadlines. All the information on the programs is available at www.vc4a.com/pes-latam, but here is an overview:

Incubation. Bridge for Billions.
A 3-month program for all types of entrepreneurs who are still testing the feasibility of their idea.

Fellowship. Bridge for Billions.
CHF 50,000 support to social enterprises with high potential for innovation and scale.

Fellowship. Ashoka.
A monthly stipend for 3 years to ventures (non-profit) with high potential for innovation and scale.

Acceleration. New Ventures.
A highly customized 6-month program based on the investment needs of companies with social impact.

System Change. Ashoka.
Training and technical assistance to help entrepreneurs seeking systemic change strategies implement their proposals.

Alliances and partnerships. LeFil Consulting.
Technical assistance and co-financing for entrepreneurs who wish to scale their innovations with corporations or with other entrepreneurs to generate systematic change in a given sector.

Online courses. ES2 Latam.
Content available in Spanish to strengthen the capabilities and knowledge of different impact entrepreneurs or for entrepreneurs who want to better understand the impact sector.